Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Asheville GO - Green Opportunities

Have you heard of Asheville GO?

Green Opportunities (GO) is dedicated to building a strong and just green economy in Western NC from the bottom-up through green-collar job training, community education, and green microenterprises.

Our core program, the Asheville GO Training Team, combines service-learning projects, life-skills training, support services, community college coursework and on-the-job experience to provide everything GO members need to launch successful green-collar careers.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Low Tech Solutions for Droubt - Green Drinks at BoBo Gallery

Come join Sherry Ingram at BoBo Gallery this Friday, June 5th to hear her explanation of droubt and ideas for reversing it. See here email below ...

With so much rain over the past month, it sure LOOKS like the drought is over.  Meteorological and agricultural drought certainly are, at least for now, and to some extent economic.  However, it is too soon to tell about hydrologic drought, and that may vary over the area based on how much rain fell within your sub-watershed, what the soils are made of, how receptive the use of the land is, how far below the surface the water table was, whether you have built simple small-scale earthworks to capture the rain and maximize infiltration, and whether your neighbors are capturing rain as well.  If you live in the forest, which infiltrates almost all the rain that falls, your drought may be over, but if you live in a city, most of your rain is sent away rapidly along roads and through storm sewers, and you are more dependent on moisture coming from outside of your area.
If you have not seen my explanation of drought and my ideas for reversing it, I hope you will join us this Friday, June 5, at 6pm for Green Drinks at BoBo Gallery, 22 North Lexington Avenue in Asheville.  Attached is a flyer to pass on or post, if you know someone else who might appreciate it. 
We have been busy: Low-Tech Solutions for Drought at AB Tech, the start of the Eliada Homes Water Project, and a couple of tv appearances.  More details are given at our web site,  Check us out!