Friday, December 12, 2008

House of the week

Building is underway on the new urban green built homes in Chicken Hill. Get in on the ground floor on this great 6 unit green development in the middle of Chicken Hill. The homes will have a 'tree house' style and they are walking distance from downtown Asheville and the River Arts District. You can't beat the location, style, or price on these!

Call Haven for more information!

See the project packet here

A-B Tech BioBusiness Center ...

... has some great classes going on this Spring. Just to mention a few ...
  • Natural Products Business: Herbs for Winter Wellness
  • Natural Products Business: Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Natural Products Business: A Practical Guide to Starting a Natural Products Business
  • Nurses: Herbs for Winter Wellness
See a complete schedule here:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Google street view for Asheville is up today

Here is the EcoHouse Realty office with Mosrie's rig sitting out front...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A bunch of Asheville Listings

Slide the bar at the bottom to view Asheville listings from most expensive to least expensive. It's a cool widget from Trulia but it needs more space on the page than the blog allows...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Green Builders in Asheville

Asheville is started to become the green building epicenter of the southeast and I must say we have some outstanding green builders in Asheville.  Some people ask the advantage of green building, because it has become such a catch phrase that it's difficult to say what is green building. I like to use the term smart building. It reduces monthly utility bills by 40%, energy efficient mortgage, quality and conscious building not to mention THEY SELL FASTER.  Data from WNC Regional MLS shows that green construction averages 63 days on the market where conventional construction averages 157.  So without further a do here are a couple of my favorite green builders in Asheville.....Greencraft, Jade Mountain Builders, Sun Construction, Demos Builders. 
The first two have more of an arts and craft style while the last two are more modern. 

Give Haven a call if you want to talk about green building in Asheville.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A-B Tech: Global Institute for Sustainability Technologies

The Asheville - Buncombe Technical Community College Global Institute for Sustainable Technologies is offering it's first classes this spring. They include classes like 'Planning and Building a Green Home' , 'Passive Solar Workshop' and many more. There are so many great classes I just copied and pasted them all below. Come here knowledgeable folks like Ned Ryan Doyle, SEE Expo Coordinator and host of 'Our Southern Community' public affairs radio program on WNCW 88.7 discuss issues related to sustainability in our mountains. 

Full class schedule:

Energy: Reality 101New

A lively introduction to the interrelationships of energy, environment and economics and how the current problems point directly to the solutions all around us. Ned Ryan Doyle, SEE Expo Coordinator and host of "Our Southern Community" public affairs radio program on WNCW 88.7, offers an upbeat, informative road map for sustainable transitions based on regional and community efforts with existing technology. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Thu, Feb 12, 06:00PM - 09:00PM
  • 128 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7395-352

G.I.S.T. Professional Development Workshop New

The A-B Tech Global Center for Sustainability Technologies presents a one-day workshop for professional development regarding design and construction for incorporating an intelligent renewable environment. The seminar is designed for architects, engineers, builders, designers and others in the construction industry and is open to the public. The registration fee includes lunch. Continuing education credits may be awarded for some industry professionals. (6 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $125.00
  • Mon, Apr 06, 08:30AM - 03:30PM
  • 200 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7393-136

Green Collar Jobs New

This course is a basic overview of the potential jobs emerging in the "green" industry. Alternative energy, alternative fuels, organic food and clothing, green building, recycling and waste management are just a few of the areas growing at a rapid pace. The course will examine some of the skills and education needed to move you into the "green" business world. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Sat, Mar 14, 09:00AM - 12:00PM
  • 209 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7385-344

Passive Solar WorkshopNew

This workshop will explore passive solar concepts in construction. The class will be a primer on components of passive solar design, NC tax credit options, and the many resources available. Students will learn passive solar strategies that can be used in home design, solar food dehydration, solar oven construction, as well as other applications. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Sat, Mar 28, 09:00AM - 12:00PM
  • 155 Dogwood, Asheville Campus Course #: SEF-7388-343

Planning and Building A Green Home New

This seminar will cover the basics of planning and building a green home. It will cover the major green building programs currently available as well as strategies and resources for building a greener and more efficient home. (6 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $25.00
  • Mon/Wed, Feb 23 - Feb 25, 06:00PM - 09:00PM
  • 128 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7391-351

So You Want to Be an Energy Rater? New

The building industry is turning "green" and more and more builders are building to meet Energy Star and other green certification programs. These certification programs require a third party inspector who is certified as a Home Energy Star Rater. This course will help you avoid the mistakes that many individuals are making when trying to get into this business. The course will review education and skill requirements, upfront cost, and potential income. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Sat, Mar 21, 09:00AM - 12:00PM
  • 209 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7386-345

Solar Electric SystemsNew

As our society shifts toward clean and renewable energy sources, harnessing the sun's energy to produce electricity is increasingly promising. In addition to developments in photovoltaic technology, this course will explore system design and applications, the benefits of off-grid and grid-tied systems, net-metering and buy all/sell all agreements. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Tue, Mar 24, 06:00PM - 09:00PM
  • 209 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7390-347

Solar Hot Water and Space Heating SystemsNew

Are you interested in going solar, but not sure where to start? Solar thermal systems offer the most cost-effective applications of active renewable energy technologies and are an increasingly important part of our clean energy future. This course will deliver an overview of system designs for providing hot water, as well as space heat, through radiant floor and other hydronic heating systems or forced-air systems. (3 hrs) No fee exemption

Total Registration Fee: $20.00
  • Tue, Mar 10, 06:00PM - 09:00PM
  • 209 Haynes, Enka Campus Course #: SEF-7389-346